Public Welfare Strategy

Strategic target

Longjitaihe's corporate social responsibility is reflected in the two levels of enterprise management and social welfare. At the level of enterprise management, Longjitaihe takes prefabricated green building materials and clean energy industry as the core, contributing to the sustainable development of urban construction. At the level of social public welfare, Longji Taihe, relying on Hebei Longji Taihe charity foundation, devotes love to disaster relief, relief, poverty alleviation, donation and other fields, practices corporate citizenship and fulfills social responsibility.

Enterprise management level: in the annual new projects, prefabricated housing is increasing annually, reaching 30% by 2020; hardbound housing is increasing annually, reaching 30% by 2020, contributing to the low-carbon society. In 2016, the smart energy business completed representative projects involving industrial, commercial and residential energy services, completed the construction of the company's smart energy master control platform, and built sub control platforms for each project, which will be promoted to Hebei Province and all over the country from 2017 to 2018.

Social public welfare level: with the fund, we should enter the new areas and cities of business expansion at the same time, continue to provide services for the local communities in the fields of disaster relief, relief, poverty alleviation and donation, and fulfill the corporate social responsibility.

Strategic action

Hebei Longjitaihe Charity Foundation

We should make clear the public welfare strategy of caring for enterprise stakeholders, release the public welfare value of & lt; and fund & gt; in the early stage of brand communication in the city, implement public welfare donation for the needy people in the business location, reflect the & lt; human and & gt; spirit of the enterprise, care for community public welfare, and fulfill social responsibility, so as to realize the strategic goal of enterprise public welfare resources to repay the society.

Business operation

Longjitaihe's hechuang building energy-saving technology company carries out R & D, design, production and construction of prefabricated buildings. It has a number of international patents of the highest level in China. It has built the largest single commercial project in Asia and the highest prefabricated shear wall structure in China. It is the main force of energy-saving buildings in northern China. The company has clearly stipulated that newly started projects will gradually increase the proportion of prefabricated buildings of hechuang, so as to achieve the double harvest of construction quality and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Longjitaihe smart energy holding company is a leader in China's photovoltaic devices manufacturing, photovoltaic power station development and operation, and smart energy solutions. It provides a full range of intelligent services for the supply side and the consumer side, and contributes to China's low-carbon society with a full range of one-stop clean energy service system.