Public welfare
Public Welfare Action

Longjitaihe donated money to build hope primary school to help out of school children return to school; to help outstanding poor students realize their dream of University; to donate money for the reconstruction after the Indian Ocean tsunami, Wenchuan earthquake, Southwest drought and Yushu earthquake. The devotion to public welfare promoted the establishment of Longjitaihe public welfare fund.

In 2010, the fund was officially launched. In November 2012, Hebei Longjitaihe Charity Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "he foundation") was officially approved by the Department of civil affairs of Hebei Province. And the fund focuses on providing humanitarian assistance to China's poor and disaster stricken areas, and on contributing to the construction of basic education in remote areas of China. In the name of harmony, it is Longjitaihe's long-term career and pursuit to bear responsibility, share care and convey warmth.

Longjitaihe's Philanthropy