Corporate Culture Staff Style

万物有和 知者行

Harmony Exists In All Things;Knowledgeable People Take Actions

Longjitaihe sets up a cohesive force in the enterprise through harmony among its staff, creates brand influence through harmony with its clients and practices enterprise responsibility through harmony with society. 'Harmony culture' takes harmony as the link. We gather together for shared value and walk together towards our shared dreams.

Enterprise CULTURE Corporate Culture
  • Enterprise tenet

    Industrial Development Industry serves the country

    "City" represents the strategic layout and development direction

    We change cities, cities make us

    The common development of individuals and enterprises

  • Corporate vision

    International integration A century old master

    The ingenuity of "not making products but making works"

    World vision, international standards and high quality development

    Respected evergreen enterprise

  • Core values

    Customer first

    Make innovation a reality

    Follow the rules

    Win win with partners

    Speak with results