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Campus Recruitment

And the heart project

Hexinli is a professional elite brand for outstanding college graduates. It has a history of nearly 10 years since it was launched in 2010. He Xinli's growth rate: one year in charge, three years of experience, five years as director

The mechanism of harmonious mental training

The training cycle is three years, different stages are supplemented by different types of projects, and the position goal is to be promoted to the middle level. 8 evaluations, 4 promotions, 15 centralized training, 5 development activities, 9 seminars / case sharing

1 year
two years
3 years
Internship period
Melting period

Complete the role change, initially have job skills

Strong advance period

Strengthen thinking and form efficient execution

Metamorphosis period

Building personal leadership

Middle level cadres

Recruitment process

Online application


First try





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