With a global view to great harmony, the Longjitaihe Group gathers knowledgeable persons from all sides, launches the development steps of China to the world, creates the splendid colors of every era and paves a bright path towards a better future on a vast stage.

Growing Together
with Cities
Leading Figures

Chairman of Longjitaihe Group    Shaojun Wei

  • Deputy to the 12th National People's Congress
  • Member of the 9th and 10th Hebei CPPCC
  • National Model Worker
  • Vice president of the 11th Hebei Industry and Commerce Federation
  • Council member of the 9th China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneur Association
  • Winner of Hebei Province May 1st Labor Medal
  • Outstanding private entrepreneur of Hebei province

As an ancient saying goes, "Harmony is the most precious gift of courtesy". Oriental wisdom stresses the harmony of subject and objective and the integration of present and future so that a harmonious and orderly state of administration can be achieved.

Longhetaiji has established its central concept since the initial establishment of the enterprise—harmony. ‘Harmony’is the assessment on economic civilization and urban civilization, civilized life, as well as the ultimate standard of human civilization. ‘Harmony’is the enterprise soul and spiritual guide of Longjitaihe, it is also the principle guiding us to achieve success in various undertakings. Under the banner of harmony culture, employees of Longjitaihe involve personal pursuit, team dream and social appeals in the advance process. Depending on unprecedented sense of responsibility, holistic view and distinguishing resource integration capability, employees of Longjitaihe put their interpretation of morality into practice and have cultivated great achievement in multiple business systems in the process of pursuing the harmony of buildings and nature, buildings and cities, people and buildings, people and life, as well as people and people, which is exactly what makes us feel gratified.

After over 20 years’ development, Longjitaihe has gone through "the most golden age" of Chinese social development. Longjitaihe proves the effectiveness of the truth through it’s a large amount of practices that conform to the onward trend of time and grasping the pulse of national development is the best way for enterprises to make the greatest contribution to the society and thus achieve self-fulfillment. Great convergence leads to great development.

We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to form an alliance of harmony and strive for the goal of Chinese social harmony. The light of ‘harmony’ will be brighter in the future.