With a global view to great harmony, the Longjitaihe Group gathers knowledgeable persons from all sides, launches the development steps of China to the world, creates the splendid colors of every era and paves a bright path towards a better future on a vast stage.

Growing Together
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Group Introduction

Total assets of nearly RMB

100 billion

Annual turnover of nearly RMB

100 billion



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Founded in 1995, Longji Taihe Group has always been committed to the construction of new urbanization in China. It has gradually developed into a central city operator with multiple formats, which integrates three industrial identities of urban growth empowerment, quality life service, and livelihood and well-being provider. It is supported by nine major industries, including cultural and commercial tourism, real estate development, industrial development, financial services, and smart energy . Longji Taihe Group, with the strategy of "deeply cultivating the Beijing Tianjin Hebei layout in China", has been operating in more than 20 cities for more than 20 years, and has won many awards, such as top 500 Chinese enterprises, top 50 Chinese real estate development enterprises, top 100 Chinese property service enterprises, top 50 Chinese industrial park operators, etc.