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Property Management Services——Create harmonious life with heart


Property management country  First class qualification top 100 property service enterprises in China  TOP32

More than 100 projects under management,  Over 2000 million square meters in pipe area      Serve more than   140000 owners

Covering residential, commercial, office, industrial park and other formats

The project covers more than   20 cities including Tianjin, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang, Xuchang, Baoding, Handan and Qinhuangdao  

Diversified operation

Through diversified development, the owner's quality of life can be improved from the aspects of culture and art, decoration, real estate brokerage, property insurance, etc.

Rich service formats

Innovation and diversification

Residential projects
Commercial projects
Industrial Park
Longtai real estate agency
Landscape engineering company
Julinchuanghe Culture Co., Ltd

Centralized Heating——Energy saving and emission reduction


The heating area is   827 million square meters  Laying   136 km of primary main pipe network  

162 secondary heat exchange stations will be built    311 service areas or units  

Serving   83000 households  

customer service number:0312-4992228

Smart Energy——Help the new revolution of smart energy

Pioneer of smart energy operation    Market leader of household photovoltaic

Hong Kong listed companies (1281. HK)

Its business covers 19 major countries and regions on six continents in the world

The most advanced Internet of things database system in China

PV power operation map of the whole industry chain: PV module manufacturing + PV power station investment + PV system operation and maintenance

More than  20000 urban and rural residents and industrial and commercial enterprise users -- smart solutions for residents' clean electricity + enterprise energy efficiency management


two-wheel drive

data mining

The data resources in the database system are transformed into system application resources and commercial value resources.

Data accumulation

The expansion of energy operation business broadens the channels for data accumulation, increases the amount of data, and improves the application value of database.

Smart energy big data cloud platform

Data transformation

The accumulated data will be analyzed in detail to improve the service quality and enhance the competitiveness of energy operation.


Energy operation

Solve the actual energy service business of energy transmission, monitoring and maintenance on the user side.

Product line

Cooperate with IBM to develop smart energy cloud platform, and set up smart operation and maintenance application system based on different requirements.

The whole PV industry chain covers upstream PV module manufacturing, midstream PV power station development and downstream PV system operation and maintenance.

Intelligent operation and maintenance system / platform

Energy efficiency operation and maintenance system / platform

Power station operation and maintenance system / platform

User operation and maintenance system / platform

Photovoltaic power operation products

Photovoltaic module

Photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic household platform

Financial Services——Building three dimensional financial model


Participate in commercial banks, financial leasing and other institutions

Accumulated management of 43 funds  The total management scale is   6.162  billion yuan

Total support for small and micro enterprises reached   2  billion yuan    Building a three dimensional financial system