Urban growth
empowerment quotient
Urban growth empowerment quotient
Industrial Development Commercial Logistics Cultural Tourism Green Building Materials

Industrial Development——The creator of urban growth pole


No. 11 of China Industrial Park Operators

National maker spaceHebei Science and technology business incubator

Public service platform for small and medium sized enterprises in Hebei Province Hebei small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base

Commercial Logistics——Meeting the needs of people's livelihood in cities,Providing new modern services


Round song·Baigou International Trade City

70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China-China's commodity trading market is the most growing market

Developing model and innovating Market

Round song·International Fashion Plaza

AAA credit management demonstration unit

AAA quality service reputation unit

70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China-China's commodity trading market is the most growing market

Forty years of reform and opening up-The most influential brand market in China

The most influential enterprise in China's commercial real estate industry

Cultural Tourism——Create a new holiday experience


Baoding tourism in 2018 - top ten tourism characteristic towns

The first Hebei Tourism Industry Development Conference

Yi County tourism demonstration "100 days to tackle difficulties" - advanced unit

Baoding top ten tourist units in 2016 - Baoding top ten scenic spots

Lok Hang Beijing Tianjin Hebei - favorite tourist destination in 2016

2016 tourism scenic spot brand potential award

Baoding cultural tourism in 2019 - Top 10 leading enterprises in cultural tourism

Green Building Materials——Building green ecological building


National prefabricated construction industry base nearest to xiong'an

BIM + cloud technology + assembly in Germany, creating a new era of building information industrialization

Research Institute of national 12th Five year plan project science and technology support plan

High tech enterprises in Hebei Province

Participate in the preparation of a number of national industry standards, the chief editor of the "confined concrete column composite beam frame structure technical specification" became CECS specification

Industry leading patent technology; confined concrete column composite beam frame structure

In the supply area of 4.81million square meters

150000 m3 / a assembly component production capacity

10 million m3 cumulative completed

"Hegu" brand

One brand, four products and one service

  • Hegu

    City Science and Technology Industry Exhibition Center

  • Hegu

    Science and technology characteristic town

  • Hegu

    Science and Technology Industrial Park

  • Hegu

    Industrial University

Hegu creative clothing

Product line

Future world

New District of urban vitality

Urban public function

  • City Park

  • Cultural Stadium

  • Leisure activity square

  • Municipal facilities

Cultural tourism function

  • Cultural and creative District

  • Theme B & B

  • theatre

  • art gallery

Urban supporting functions

  • Theme business

  • Shopping Park

  • Financial Office

  • Quality living

Future stone

Trendy shopping center

Tide Highland

  • Cultural IP

  • City import brand gathering place

  • International fashion brand

  • Hot spot space

Leisure shopping

  • Full format coverage

  • Diversified experience

  • Fashion catering

  • Children's theme block

Future knowledge

City one stop culture

Education experience center

cultural education

  • Early childhood education

  • Competence Education

  • Subject education

  • vocational education

Experiential business

  • Cultural Theater

  • Coffee catering

  • Cultural and creative Bookstore

  • Recreation & Entertainment

Community (township)

Life Center

Life aesthetics Center

  • Happy Market

  • Boutique life supermarket

  • Life optimization

Emotional space

  • Community social catering

  • Children's educational growth

  • Cultural exchange and sharing

  • Smart technology fitness